“We have been very happy with the light weight slide. Guests have loved it!”

Thomas Shipton – M/Y Oasis


“We put the slide out for the first time last weekend. It was great, a lot of fun. The slide coming from the 3rd deck makes a big difference!”

Jono Bolton – M/Y Take 5


“Yesterday was the first day with the new slide; it was a big hit with the charter guests and much easier than the previous slide to deal with for the crew.”

Patrick Allman – M/Y Odessa


“It was great working with your team, good communication. The request was to have this slide delivered quickly and it arrived just on time. The owner and the guests love it!”

Rytis Babravicius – M/Y Ocean Paradise


“The slide takes about 30 minutes to set up. It works really well, it’s great really. The dock has been amazing. It fits really nicely, works really well and is well-made. It’s nice to have the jet skis out and pull up the tender and the guests hop off.”

Laurie Horo – M/Y QM of London


“Slide works great! When in place it’s 15 minutes to setup and 15 to deflate and have back on deck.”

Steve Feldman – M/Y Starship


“Our FreeStyle Jetski Dock is an excellent platform to not only dock the tender, jetski and other toys but also makes it easier for guests to access the toys as it is at a more comfortable level than the swim platform. Great for kids to hang out too.”

Dan Tagliere – M/Y Mia Kai


“We got the rafts inflated last month in the Bahamas and we are delighted with the results. The Jetski Dock measurements fit snugly to the platform and perform very well.”

Nick Cutler – M/V Pioneer


“All is going well with the slide. We have used it a few times now and are getting much quicker. We were in the Abaco islands, Bahamas a few weeks ago and we had a huge microburst. The winds reached 86 knots for about 30 seconds and then dropped off to 40 knots for a little while longer. The slide was up during this period and there was not damage to it! Just to let you know what the slide is capable of withstanding.”

Mark Spavins – M/Y Party Girl

“I am currently in the Bahamas on a charter and have been using the jet ski dock. It works really well. I am over the moon with it. Has been great and every bit worth it. ” 

Andrew Theocharous- M/Y Skyfall


 “We are getting full use out of her every day for the last 8 days and will be until at least the 15th. We have the set up time down to a fairly respectable 20/25 mins for set up and deflate so we are pretty happy with the results. Thanks again for your help with the purchase and I am sure that we will look into another one when this guy gets tired or we change boats.

           Steve McEwan – M/Y Naomi

“The slide is awesome. We deploy it in 15 min and retrieve it in 20 min. Great!!!!”   

Brian Muston – M/Y Nita K

“The slide has been doing a great job in entertaining the owner’s children. It has been out twice and they have had a ball!”

 Dale Stansfield – M/Y Predator

“After a very long wait we have inflated and tried the slide. It works like a bomb!!!!”

        Burger van der Walt – S/Y Perseus

“The launcher and trampoline are doing fantastic and have been a great asset during the summer.”

 James Perryment – M/Y Sunrise

“Ryan got the slide up yesterday and wow is it awesome…so much fun. Thanks for everything. It’s really going to be a big hit on board. We love it and the crew did a charter and the guests really loved it as well!”

Shannon Dellimore – S/Y London Sky 

“I’ve gone down it a dozen times. The kids, family and crew love it too. The material is much smoother-no burns. The transition is so smooth-never feel jarred or kinked! Too much fun. Definitely worth switching from our old slide to this new slide. Thanks guys!”

Jared Burzler – M/Y Pipe Dreams

“Our boss loves the fact that he can go swimming not having to worry about jelly fish. It also acts as a pontoon for lounging and for getting off on jet skis. The pool has been a huge hit with the owner. He loves it!”  

Lucas Smith – M/Y Galactic Star

“There aren’t many companies like y’all left in this world that stand by their product like this and I truly want to say thank you for that because that truly says a lot about your company. Thanks again!!!!”

Cole Frey – Frey Construction

Yes we received and are using it now! It’s better than the previous one. You guys made some improvements. Stronger lifting straps, net, and style is better!”

Captain Vitaliy Drobina – M/Y Milk Money

 “I saw the slide in full operation for the second time 2 days ago and I have to say the kids love it and the adults too. I personally have not been down it yet but I was involved in setting up last time. 

 “In terms of setup, it’s fantastic. Every time the crew sets it up they get a little faster. It makes a lot of difference not having the additional leg. We put it up in about 40 mins last time and I think it can be done quicker once there is a little more organization.”

 “It’s a big hit and I think the family is very happy.”

 “Special thanks to you and Danny for the time and effort getting this just right for us. The carbon davit idea on the top deck works really well and lifts it into place pretty fast.”

Henry Cutmore – M/Y Z

“We love the kit. The dock works very well and packs down nicely. We use it for washing as well. Its a cool thing.”
Ola Rask– M/Y 11.11
“We got it set up, pretty sick! That dock worked out like a treat, got it down to a tee.”
Mark Rossouw – M/Y Skyfall
“Well designed kit, works great and we have used it as a fender. Very versatile. It works nice with sections, it’s great. We interchange it all the time and use it for a docking system. We use it to create a walkway out to the beach and use it for lounging as well. We use it to clean the hull and it packs down nicely.”
Ryan Butterwick– M/Y Carpe Diem

“Our Cruiser slide was the best investment that I have ever made and everyone on the boat loves it as well.”

David Dein – S/Y Take It Easier

 “We received the slide perfectly. We have installed on board and it is really fun.”
Carlos Tarancon – M/Y Bash 


Thank you again for all your efforts to make the slide come to life.  I understand it was a big hit!”

Liz Howard – Charter Broker, M/Y Tsumat

“Last weekend we had the boss onboard and were finally able to use the slide….it was AWESOME!!! We loved it…what a rush!!”

Michael Williamson – M/Y Amarula Sun


“We love that thing! It’s awesome and we have got it wired now so deployment only takes 40 minutes and less time to retract. We love it, just love it.”

Chris Clemens – Westport Yachts M/Y Calex


“90% of the charters are because of the slide. We gear towards kids and it’s a no brainer for the kids. The guests are happy and we set it up in about 30 minutes.”

Marc Wellnitz – M/Y Miss Michelle


“The slide and pool are inflated and both have proved popular with guests.”

First Officer, Daniel Sutton – S/Y Maltese Falcon


“The boss and all of the guests love it and the slide is always in use. This was a good idea.”

Christopher Mckeown – M/Y Roma


“Our Med season would not have been the same without the slide!! Not only the guests, but the crew even have a blast on it as well!”

Captain Todd Packham – M/Y Misunderstood


“We used the instructions that you sent and it was a success! The boss used the slide a number of times on Saturday (more than his kids in fact!) and he always came out of the water with a huge grin on his face.”

Mike Nelson – M/Y Running on The Waves


“We are very happy, the slide is a lot of fun, it’s a cool thing.”

Captain Ron Woods – M/Y Mia Elise

“The kids love it, the guests love it, it’s a lot of fun.”

Richard Smart – M/Y 4 You

“It’s a great product. The guests think it’s cool and it takes about 10 minutes to set up.”

Don McKee – M/Y Natita

“The Slide looks great, the boss is very happy with it. We have had hours of fun on it already and plenty more to come. Thanks for your help.”

Owen J. How – M/Y Ophelia

“We received the slide this week in good condition. I’m sure the kids are going to have a ton of fun with it. To be honest, I’m very impressed.”  

Guy Sayers – IMA Yachts 

“We have been soooooo busy so I took this whilst racing into the port this afternoon. I even had a go on it the other night all the guests sent the girls down in their night uniform. It was so much more fun than I thought it would be. SO glad we got it for the trip!!! Bloomin marvelous, what a journey that slide has had in its very young life!”

Katy Jeffcoate –  S/Y Athena

“Many, many thanks to you and your team for making this happen for our 4th of July trip! Everyone had such a blast yesterday and all are looking forward to future use!”

Adam Stockholm – M/Y Magic

“The slide has worked very well thank you and has been a big hit. Should assist in our charter efforts too. Happy to act as a reference. Job well done to you and the team. Especially on making our tight timeline and working with us on our personalized solutions.”

 Shayne Smyth – M/Y Perle Bleue


“We absolutely LOVE our slide and so do our guests! We like it so much that we wear it out!”

Shane – M/Y At Last

“The slide has gone down as a treat with the kids and the boss is happy.”

Dom O’Donnell – M/Y Vicky


“The slide was a big hit on the charter!”

Steve Dart – Captain. M/Y Tsumat

“We got the dimensions and color right, fits and looks good. It has been worth all the time and effort. Fun had by all!”

Chris Kennedy – M/Y TV

“Pfft…Fun??? Are you kidding me?…these kids (parents and crew alike) are having an absolute blast with this slide!!!
We have deployed (& re-stowed) it every day for 4 straight days. We are getting the hang of the stowing process and find it far easier than anticipated. I will shout to everyone who will listen how great this slide is and how fantastic your support has been!!!”

Michael Crosby – M/Y Carte Blanche

“Slide is onboard and has been deployed a few times already. No negative reports which means all went well.”

Sean Ilbery – OCEAN Management

“The Cruiser slide has been deployed aboard; design is done well and looks excellent. Please send to me always information about your new products.”

Kriss Ponikiewski – OCI Yachts

“We used the slide for our 3 week charter in Turkey and we couldn’t get the kids or adults off it! I think it took them about 3 minutes to break all the “Do Not’s”…ie, backwards, fully clothed, straight after lunch, half boozed…etc. But all went really well, and it certainly adds a fantastic toy to our arsenal!

All in all, very happy indeed. It’s very obviously of high quality construction materials and workmanship, surprisingly quick to deploy, and then to deflate and stow (2 guys about 15 minutes). Very well thought-out in terms of grab-handles, securing points, steps, valves and so on. We’re all well chuffed with our purchase! Thanks to all the team…”

Guy – M/Y Aurelia

“The item is top quality!! Great gig you have! The people on board love the trampoline! Even me. Thanks for a great job. “

“For sure, it has received attention, and works for all in different ways. We use it as an island, landing pad for watercraft, and in our case a boarding platform also. Very stable, works for the gals also!! The quality is great. Well worth it. We have some GO Pro video with dancing that would show the stability for the 12 foot we have. Cool stuff!”

Richard Fantozzi – M/Y Outward Bound

“The slide has been a huge success and we are very happy with our decision to do this. Thanks to all of your staff…she looks great!”

Tony Brown – S/Y New Horizon

“The slide was used last weekend to rave reviews. It was used all day long and everyone absolutely loved it.Thank you to you and your team for all of your help and great service.”

Corey Montie – M/Y Jungle Jane

“It’s great, it works great. We have it down in 25-30 minutes and it is a lot of fun.”

Robin Agersand – M/Y Anedigmi

“Fantastic fun! The crew have more fun than the guests. Easy to set up, favorite toy we’ve got. People are asking off board for a ride.”

Jack Muldoon – M/Y Déjà Vu

“The guests are having a lot of fun and it works well.”

Josh Dampers – M/Y Cloud 9

“The slide is in action and the children love it. I am pleased with how it works, the quality of build and ease of use. We are still in Maldives and the guests have decided to stay an extra week so the slide will be getting plenty of use. Thanks for everything.”

Chris Godbolt – Titan Fleet Management

“We absolutely love the slide and the guests really love it. And your customer service is really up and beyond.”

2nd Officer – Antonio Palazuelos

“We are very happy with the dock. It’s like an extension to the swim platform!! We love the dock, it’s absolutely fantastic, we use it every day. It protects the toys and the kids can jump off of it. Its really amazing.” 

James Griffith – M/Y Imagine

“Slide is a big success. Even in slightly unfavorable weather conditions it doesn’t destroy the yacht (touch wood). Set up and pack down times are minimal – 15 out, 10 in, so it’s not a hassle, just heavy.”


“You will be please to know the Seadoo’s fit perfectly. The bow shape is spot on. One of my deck crew was brave enough to walk to the end of the outer most leg without a ski docked. It was a little unstable but supported his weight no problem. As we previously discussed, this instability was expected and I’m pleased Danny suggested to increase the width of the leg to make it more stable.

I’m very pleased with it, it looks good and well put together and great workmanship. Some passing comments from deck crew and even engineers have been, ‘smart piece of kit,’ ‘it’s the best inflatable we have,’ ‘it’s going to make the season soo much easier,’ ‘it’s actually a useful inflatable.’ Please pass these comments onto you team, well done.”

Craig Welsh – M/Y St. Princess Olga

“The dock inflated perfect, very happy with it, it’s great. We had 15 knot winds and waves breaking over it with no problems. Perfect!”

Eddie Persichetti – M/Y Capricorn

“The slide is not hard to deploy and the kids love it. The pumps are strong, only 15 minutes to set up. All the crew love it, very fun and a nice addition to the yacht, for charters or private with kids.”

Pave Kapov – M/Y Kiss

“Today was the first day we used it and do you know what, it was a big hit. Kids played for much of the day on it. It was a good safety platform streamed behind the boat and also a transfer platform for the jetski (when it got too windy and we didn’t want guests driving to the gangway).”

Guy Morrall – M/Y Talitha


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