Cruiser NLS

The Freestyle Cruiser slide is available in either a Leg Supported (LS) or Non Leg Supported (NLS) version.

All slides are custom fitted to your specific yacht. There is no “off the shelf” slide that fits all ships. To determine what version of slide your yacht will need, you need to understand that all of our slides are measured vertically from the top of the handrail (or highest point) the slide will mount over, down to the water line. Once we know this height, we can make a determination of slide version and provide a quote for purchase.

Our NLS versions can be used on slides that are just over 5m and smaller, and weighs much less and requires less storage space. This version is a single piece slide that starts at about 3 meters in height and is much lighter and easier to set up due to its reduced size. This slide weighs in at about 120 kg and requires less storage space to stow away. The crew can easily deploy the No-Leg slide in about 20 minutes.

Both versions have multiple anchor points on the slide body and legs for lashing lines back to the ship.

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