Freestyle Cruiser Launches the World’s First Inflatable Ski Jump and Ski Rail!

August 11, 2011

Freestyle Cruiser has been appointed as the first North American distributor for Ocean Inflatables incredible new water toys!

These revolutionary new toys are yet another evolution of inflatable fun in the recreational and promotional water sports industry.

Ocean Inflatables unique Sea Flier is an inflatable water ski jump that is easy to set up, and sits amazingly “rock solid” in the water no matter the impact. The launch is swift and secure due to a patent pending design and an extremely rugged launch surface. The Sea Flier can be built in custom heights and widths for promotional or professional applications.

The other new Ocean Inflatables product is the incredible new Sea Rail, which is an inflatable water ski rail that can be positioned anywhere in a body of water for maximum fun. The Sea Rail also sits rock solid in the water and has the same rugged surface as the Sea Flier.

Put 2 or 3 Sea Rails in line with a couple of Sea Fliers in between and you can quickly create a radical new water ski course unlike any other. The Sea Rail is available in custom lengths, heights and angles for promotional and professional applications.

Please check out the action on the follow video and feel free to contact us at to get the Ocean Inflatable water ski toys package.

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