Features & Benefits

The Freestyle Cruiser™  is made with the finest materials and craftsmanship to provide a product that will perform as designed each and every time that it is deployed. Constructed with 28 oz. Firmatex™, the highest grade vinyl in the industry, the FreeStyle Cruiser is 100% hot air welded using state of the art technology. Our design exceeds all the recreational inflatable building standards worldwide and comes with a three (3) year warranty. Every FreeStyle Cruiser slide includes the following standard features: strategically placed attachments which allow for minimal hull contact at installation, light weight design with separate slide body and leg base sub-structure for easy assembly and maneuverability, our revolutionary AirStairs™, handles for comfort, handles to assist with lifting, lifting rings to assist with lifting, fill valves and pressure relief valves, cover sheet, hose chase with universal water sprayer, and (2) HB-199 air inflation/deflation pumps.



Ultra strong and lightweight, our unique AirStairs™ are fitted with a non-slip surface, providing a safe and comfortable ascent.

Handles for Comfort

Handles for Comfort

We place handles in ergonomically comfortable positions in the climb area, assisting all participants to board the slide with ease.

Pressure Relief & Fill Valves


We use tried and tested fill valves and relief valves to ensure that your slide is at a consistent equilibrium of pressure.

Hose Chase

Water Sprayer

All Cruiser™ slides come standard with a universal fit water sprayer mounted on each side of the slide entry to allow a convenient way of spraying water down the slide.

Cover Sheet

Cover Sheet

The Cruiser™ slide cover sheet is designed with an ultra slick surface which propels riders quickly down the slide. The sheet can be customized with your logo.

Logo Printing

Logo Printing

Customize your slide by printing your logo or message on each side up to 305 cm wide. Four color screen printing, hand painting, or digital printing are available.

Stainless Lashing Rings

Stainless Lashing Rings

High quality 304 series stainless steel rings are mounted in numerous predetermined locations on the slide and leg support for lashing the slide back to the ship.


Wedge Base

Our wedge base allows you to raise the front of the slide about 30cm off the water thus providing an added thrill to your slide. Standard equipment with every slide.

Lifting Rings

Multiple lifting rings are standard on all slides to ease with lifting and lowering the slide. The end rings are uni-directional, and the middle sets are multi-directional.

No Jump Netting

No Jump Netting

All Freestyle Cruiser slides have removable No Jump Netting at the top to insure that riders slide down the slide properly. The netting is easily removed if desired.

HB 199 Pump

High Pressure Pump

All Cruiser slides include (2) high pressure air pumps that will quickly inflate or deflate your slide. These pumps come standard in 230/50 power with European plug.

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