About Us

FreeStyle Slides was founded in 2002 by Owner/CEO Stephen Philp. His vision for cutting edge family entertainment has led to the development of some of the most unique inflatables in the world.

With their flagship product, The Hippo®, the world’s largest inflatable wet/dry slide, they have been able to offer a safe, low cost, low maintenance alternative to hard sided slides. With over 110 Hippo slide locations worldwide and growing, FreeStyle Slides has managed to create new markets that were previously off-limits to built in structures. For example, FreeStyle Slides was the first company to permanently place an inflatable slide, on the same scale as theme park slides, on a public beach in the US.

With their latest development, the FreeStyle Cruiser™ yacht slide, the world’s first sealed-air inflatable water slide specifically for yachts, FreeStyle Slides has set themselves apart as the only truly bespoke inflatable manufacturer in the world, drawing companies from all corners of the globe to help them develop inflatable versions of their products as well as other novel and innovative concepts.

Also new to the family is the Trippo™, an even larger version of our flagship Hippo. The Trippo offers two additional curved sliding lanes, making it the the first and only 3 lane inflatable water slide, built on the same scale as those seen in waterparks and theme parks.

At FreeStyle Slides, we pride ourselves on being the only truly bespoke supplier of inflatable products in the world. Please contact us for a free consultation and full details on our entire product line.

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